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The Better Men Series Book 2

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He’s been given the ultimate do-over. If he takes it, he’ll destroy everything.


Nicholas Smith thought he was done with time travel. Rocketed back to 2008 after a triumphant victory over a tyrannical government, the heroic engineering professor embarks on a second-chance mission to prevent the death of his beloved spouse. But his inner conflict spins into a roiling storm as he ponders the consequences of playing God… and how it could annihilate all he battled to save.


Already struggling with the possibilities of paradox, Nicholas doesn’t know which way to turn when an Army major argues that destiny demands he help her steal nuclear weapons. And as the intricate threads of the timeline knot into an impossible snarl, the heartsore man sees bloody disaster in any choice he makes.


Will Nicholas’s desire to protect everyone save or doom the world?


Reflections of Better Men is the thought-provoking second book in the Better Men science fiction series. If you like morally grey characters, heart-wrenching twists, and complex themes, then you’ll adore Ashley B. Venenga’s dark window into humanity.


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The Better Men Series Book 1

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He wanted to end it all. Instead, his adventure is just beginning…


Denver, Colorado, 2009. Nicholas Smith is done with the world. After losing his wife in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the devastated engineering professor sees only one way to escape his grief. But when he leaps from a waterfall into the waiting arms of oblivion, the haunted man of science instead finds himself impossibly catapulted into the year 3010.


Tortured at the hands of a despotic dictator, Nicholas refuses to cooperate despite being threatened with execution. But after he’s rescued by a desperate band of freedom fighters, the lost academic believes he may at last have found a reason to live.


Can one man from the past bring hope to the future?


Exertions of Better Men is the thrilling first book in the Better Men science fiction series. If you like unexpected heroism, historic weaponry, and vividly evocative settings, then you’ll love Ashley B. Venenga’s apocalyptic what-if.


Buy Exertions of Better Men to rise up in rebellion today!


 All formats available NOW! Click below to purchase!

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Cover art by Santiago Rosas
Audiobook narration by Dallin Bradford

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