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The Day You're Born and the Day You Find Out Why

Today marks 37 turns around the sun for me. And, more importantly, today is the publication date for Exertions of Better Men!

I use the following quote in the book from Mark Twain: The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

I love this quote for several reasons. The first is the way that it emphasizes the power and importance of birth--which I firmly believe to be one of the most sacred things that happens in the entire cosmos.

But the second is that finding one's why is a truly critical component to growth and development. I have been fortunate to find my why many times over.

For example, I learned over a decade ago now that my primary and forever why was to be a wife to Michael and a mom to Aurora and Nicolai.

For a time, my why was to teach, but not a forever why like being a wife and mom. That brought me to a career in business intelligence which is one of my current whys--though likely also not a forever one.

And today I get to add another why which is authoring and publishing a work I am quite proud of and that I hope is just the first of several.

If you haven't found your why yet, don't lose hope because I promise you there are many of them out there for you. And each time you find a new one, it feels a bit like life is beginning all over again.

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